“I’ll Look Out For You!”


Politics is too often about political careers and hidden agendas. What we need most is a courageous, energetic champion willing to stand up to those in power to protect our interests.

Mark Grimm has walked that walk. Whether it was a huge proposed library tax hike, unnecessary red tape for home businesses or a lack of transparency at town hall, he’s fought successfully for us.

“We share the same frustrations with politics. But I’ve discovered if you embrace good ideas, are persistent and are willing to take the heat, you really can make a positive difference.” — Mark Grimm


Mark stands up to those in power to protect our interests. Whether it was challenging a:
–  big proposed library tax hike;
–  unnecessary red tape for home businesses; or
–  lack of transparency at town hall.

Mark successfully looked out for us.  Isn’t that what we need in our next supervisor?


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